HQI / Finder Users Condition


  1. With this website HQI bvba provides their customers a system to label their possessions in an easy way and with a unique code which can only be provided by ITROVI. When an item provided with such a unique code is found, the finder can import this code into the webapplication to get in contact with the owner of the lost object and realize the return without ever having to pay a cost.

  2. It is actionable to provide in the field any offending or intimidating data that will be transmitted to the owner. All such events noticed or passed on to our organization will be passed on to the competent authority.

  3. HQI bvba is a middleman between the finder and the owner and therefore has no liability on account of the lost item.

  4. All disputes concerning the users conditions are controlled by Belgian law. Only the courts of Antwerp are authorized to take note of these disputes.

The Dutch version is legally binding, the English version is illustrative.