HQI/Users Conditions for registration


  1. Through the hyperlink "http://www.itrovi.com" HQI bvba offers you a system to label your possessions in an easy way and with a unique code which can only be provided by HQI via ITROVI. When an item provided with such a unique code is lost and found, the finder can import this code into the webapplication to get in contact with you, the owner of the lost object.

  2. Via the registration procedure you and the object provided with this code need to be registered on the website. If the registered objects are illegal, harmful or dangerous like for example although not exhaustive: weapons, drugs, stolen items, … competent authority will be notified.

  3. Itrovi has a sound construction and the data are situated in a secure location with external partners. These are equipped with the most modern technologies to offer a consent and secure database. HQI bvba does all it can to guarantee the accessibility of the ITROVI website, but can not be held responsible for a temporarily unavailability of the ITROVI website or database, nor for any other technical problems due to among others though not exhaustive: maintenance, upgrades, repair, fortuitous cases, …

  4. The registration, the saving of the data and the acces of the data are done in a secure location to hinder possible outside attacks. To log in, you need a confidential password. If this password is lost or forgotten, there will only be communicated about the stated coordinates by email.

  5. The management of the personal data that is given when registering to the website, is done according the law of 8 december 1992 connected with the protection of the privacy when personal data is processed automatically. The person where the data is connected with, has the right to view and correct the personal data, as well as to protest the use.

    The personal data are used or can be used for the following:

    1. Communication connected with the ITROVI system such as making inquiries about the use of of the code, finding of registered objects, announcement of planned maintenance, …

    2. Information about other products and services from HQI bvba as well as products and services of business partners of HQI bvba, based on the personal settings of the user. If the user does not want to receive this information, he can contact the customer service of ITROVI. The customer service shall, free of cost and on first request, stop the processing of the personal data.

    3. The Itrovi website uses cookies that will be installed onto the users computer. These cookies are vital for the processing of the registration and for the retrieval of the information of the user. This information (like the computer configuration and the personal settings of the user) facilitate the future use of the ITROVI website. These cookies do not contain the name, the address, nor any other personal data like credit card data. The user can configure his browser in such a way that the computer refuses any sort of cookies. In this case it may be possible that the user can not use the website or that parts of the website are inaccessible.

  6. Termination of the contract or duration

    There is no limitation in the duration of activated codes. In the possibility that the code is destroyed you can roll out and make a new one. This old code can not be used again.

    When the system is abused or used for criminal acts, the account will be deleted after notifying the competent authority. The codes will be active for research from police forces.

  7. Data up-dating

    Yearly an email will be sent to the stated email address with the request to update the data. If the email can not be delivered, HQI can sent an text message to the stated cellphone number to update the data. If the data is not updated a month after the text message is send, and especially the email address, HQI has the right to delete the account from the ITROVI database linked to the code.

  8. Liability

    Itrovi is an aid to retrieve lost objects, developed by HQI bvba. HQI bvba can not be held liable for the loss or damage for the objects that are registered through ITROVI. HQI bvba has no duty to achieve a given result and can not guarantee that registered objects if lost will be returned.

    HQI bvba can not be held responsible for any damage caused by external partners like courier or transportation companies, nor by the finder of the registered goods.

    HQI bvba can not be held responsible for a temporarily unavailability of the ITROVI website or database, nor for any other technical problems due to among others though not exhaustive: maintenance, upgrades, repair, fortuitous cases, …

  9. Payment and rates

    During registration de user of the ITROVI code can make the choice between "text massage" (not yet available), "email" or "service".

    When using the "email" service. Itrovi will send an email with the contact information of the finder to the owner who has registered an object with a code if that object is found. The owner will than have the possibility to contact the finder. This service delivered by ITROVI is included in the purchase price of the code.

    If wanted, you can make use of our service "service" by clicking on the button during registration. In this case there is no contact between the finder and the owner, so that the finder never gets any knowledge of the identity or any other information about the owner. When choosing this option, HQI will sent an email to the owner to notify that somebody has entered the code of the lost item. At the same time, the finder will be sent a label with which he can send the object to HQI. From the moment HQI receives the lost object, it will be sent to the owner. For this service an extra cost will be charged to the owner every time such a service is provided. The rates for this service can be found at the "service" page, by clicking on the "service" button at the bottom of the navigation bar on the ITROVI homepage.The rates are among others based on the rates charged to HQI by courier services, so that HQI reserves the right to charge an extra costs if these companies for any reason might charge an extra cost.

    HQI has the right to invoice the services according as they are delivered, even if this service is only partial, for example if the finder neglects to return the object. Except for contradictory and written agreement, the invoices are to be paid content, net, without any discount or deduction on the account number of HQI as mentioned on the invoice. By not paying the invoice on the date of expiry, the due amounts are immediately claimable regardless in advance allowed conditions of payment. By not paying the invoice or a part of the invoice on the date of expiry, a standard amount compensation of 20 % with a minimum of 65 euro will be applied to the unsettled account. Every invoice that is not payed on the date of expiry will be raised with an annual interest rate of 10% This interest starts from the date of expiry of the invoice and without formal notice.

  10. Change of conditions

    HQI holds the right to change the users conditions at his own discretion. The users will be notified by email. When a user does not agree with the new users condition, he will be able to stop the use of the ITROVI website instantly without a refund or any other claims.

  11. Liability

    All disputes concerning the use of ITROVI and the users conditions in hand are under control of the Belgian law. Only the courts of Antwerp are authorized to take notice of such disputes.

The Dutch version is legally binding, the English version is illustrative.